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Weekend Estimates: Toy Story Holds Off Impressive Debut by Grown Ups

June 27th, 2010

As expected, Toy Story 3 won a second straight weekend at the box office, and its decline of 47% wasn't bad for a movie that opened with over $100 million -- in fact, it's slightly better than WALL-E managed in its second weekend. The story of the weekend, however, is the $41 million opening for the critically mauled Grown Ups, which showed that Adam Sandler and gang still have an impressively loyal following. The day-by-day performance of the movie doesn't look particularly strong though, and the weekend estimate might prove to be a little optimistic.

Even if Grown Ups number comes down a bit on Monday, it won't be in any danger of dropping to third place, since Knight and Day had a very disappointing $20.5 million weekend. This was very much a star vehicle, and the wheels really came off. Both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz now have disturbingly long runs of sub-$25 million non-franchise openings behind them, in some quite expensive movies.

The rest of the top 10 saw significant drops across the board with Jonah Hex declining a miserable 70% in its second outing.

In limited release, Restrepo had a great debut in two theaters for National Geographic Entertainment, earning over $30,000, for an average topping $15,000. Cyrus, however, will top the per theater chart for a second weekend, thanks to $300,000 in 17 theaters and an average close to $18,000.

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