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Featured TV on DVD Review: Nick Jr Favorites: The First Day of School

July 4th, 2010

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The latest DVD release for Nick Jr is a mixed DVD called, The First Day of School. ... Wait. What? Didn't summer vacation just start?

The five episodes feature on this DVD come from five different TV series, starting with...

  1. Dora the Explorer: First Day of School
    Boots and Tico are about to start their first day of school, but to get there, they have to get past the river and through the forest. Fortunately, they have Dora to help them get there, Dora, and you.
  2. Go, Diego, Go!: Linda the Librarian
    Diego is excited because Linda the Librarian is coming to visit. Linda the Librarian is a llama. Linda the Llama Librarian. Amazingly awesome alliteration. Linda is going to deliver books to the top of the mountain and Diego is helping her get there, and they'll need a lot of help, because there are a lot of obstacles in the way.
  3. Blue's Clues: Blue Takes You to School
    It's Periwinkle's first day of school and Periwinkle, Blue, and Joe are all going. But before they can go, they have to play Blue's Clues to figure out Blue's favorite part of school. They have to play Blue's Clues because Blue can't talk, because he's a dog. Periwinkle can speak, even though she's a cat, because according to this show, cats are apparently smarter than dogs.
  4. Wonder Pets!: Off to School / Save the Pangaroo
    A Baby Blowfish is going to her first day of preschool and the Wonder Pets go to help her. As Ming Ming says, "This isn't serious", but they still help out. In the second part of the episode they have to save a Pangaroo that is stuck in a garbage. A pangaroo is a combination of a parrot and a kangaroo. ... It was drawn by a kid and accidentally thrown away.
  5. Hi Hao, Kai-Lan: Lulu Day
    Lulu coming over to Kai-Lan's for a play date. However, while they are really good friends, they both want to do different things. How will they decide what to do? And what does this have to do with the first day of school?

The Verdict

Nick Jr Favorites: The First Day of School is exactly what you expect from this type of release. There are a handful of episodes from a handful of shows around a theme, more or less. There's a sense of Deja Vu here (I swear I've reviewed the Pangaroo episode and perhaps Tico and Boot's First Day of School) and there are also no extras, but if your kids are fans of these shows, then there's still enough value here.

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