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International Top of the Chart: Eclipse has Nine-Digit Opening

July 8th, 2010

As it did domestically, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse dominated the international chart over the weekend, earning $75.48 million on 7,760 screens in 39 markets for a total opening of $103.73 million. In comparison, New Moon opened with $124.22 million on 6,578 screens in 24 markets for a total of $136.01 million. The previous installment in this franchise earned more than $400 million internationally, so if this film makes half of that, it will still make enough profit to pay for the next two movies.

Direct comparisons are little tricky, as the two films didn't open in exactly the same markets, but both films debuted in Australia, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. In Australia, Eclipse debuted with $10.95 million on 536 screens compared to $14.85 million on 530 screens for New Moon. Italy saw the film earn $4.78 million on 788 screens over the weekend and $9.78 million in total, but that's down from $14.34 million earned by New Moon. In Spain it took in $6.62 million on 719 screens over the weekend and $10.83 million in total, which is again lower than its predecessor, which opened with $15.16 million on 634 screens. Finally, in Brazil, the film opened with $10.6 million on 336 screens, which is nearly identical the $11.22 million earned on 411 screens by New Moon during its opening.

On the other hand, the film made $11.23 million on 1,085 screens over the weekend in Russia for a total opening of $15.16 million there. New Moon opened with $9.02 million on 642 screens. The film also broke the record for most lucrative Saturday preview in the U.K. with $5.7 million while adding in Sunday it earned $9.5 million in total. That figure will be added to the film's debut in that market next weekend.

Shrek Forever After also crossed the $100 million milestone over the weekend, but we will get to that film and the rest of the multimillion dollar movies over the weekend.


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