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Roger Ebert Review on "Twelve"

August 12th, 2010

"Twelve" is a "Less than Zero" for 2010, a savage portrait of a crowd of stupid rich kids on the Upper East Side, and how they spend their parents' money to create perhaps irreversible damage to their lives. Holden Caulfield would have been thrown into catatonia after five minutes with them. Chace Crawford is very good as the alleged hero, White Mike, who doesn't smoke or drink and dropped out of private school to devote himself full-time to marijuana sales. Emma Roberts plays Molly, an essentially nice girl he falls for, and Esti Ginzburg is the Popular Blonde who tells a younger kid (Rory Culkin) that if makes his parents' apartment available for her birthday party, she'll sleep with him. The title comes from a trendy new drug White Mike doesn't deal in, but he gets some from another dealer (50 Cent) to supply for party night. The film is very well acted, and dark, dark, dark. The director is Joel Schumacher, assured and fearless on a small budget and short shooting schedule which seems to add spontaneity. Schumacher is not fashionable with Sundance types, and I suspect this will emerge from the festival with reviews that don't concede its power. "But it will perform".

Source: Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert's Journal