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Featured TV on DVD Review: Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Complete Third Season

August 13th, 2010

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This is the third DVD featuring the Kardashian family that I've reviewed. Previously, I reviewed season two last year and the Take Miami spin-off earlier this year. While neither of those two DVDs won me over, I was not as harsh in my criticisms as some critic were. So will this be the season I'm finally won over? Or will it be too much for me to take.

The Show

The season starts with Kim and Khloe returning from Australia where they were vacationing. However, while there, Khloe missed out on a few court mandated DUI classes and as a result she might be going to jail. Unfortunately, any drama in this situation is drained by the fact that it was a big news story when it first happened. If you are interested in this show, then you will have watched enough celebrity gossip shows to know how this truns out. Hell, I don't watch celebrity gossip shows (not counting the third hour of The Young Turks) and I knew about this story. Worse still, it was one of the more interesting events of the season.

Some of the other subjects the show deals with, include Kourtney getting her first solo cover shoot and her mother, Kris, becoming her manager. Khloe gets approached by PETA to do an ad and Kim deals with a shopping addiction. Bruce gets a colonoscopy. The other guy, whatshisface, the brother, graduates and starts acting out because he doesn't want the responsibilities of being an adult. Khloe feels she isn't being treated the same as the other kids, but that she's always been treated as the responsible one, so she gets a DNA test to sees if she was adopted

Over on disc two, things start off with a Kardashian family food fight before we get to more serious matters of possible infidelity and other relationship issues: Empty Nest syndrome, choosing between career and love, etc. Khloe gets a mole tested. Bruce gets more plastic surgery. Kris gets a monkey. And more wackiness occurs.

As the season wears on, my ability to handle the show is worn down. There are a few moments here and there that are funny, but the family drama doesn't interest me in the least. Relationship troubles of the three Kardashian sisters rank very low on the list of things I want to waste my time on. And at best, at best, this show is a time waster. Personally, I have better things to do with my time, but at least these people are not as repugnant as a lot of reality TV stars are.

The Extras

Disc One has 16 deleted scenes, while Disc Two has select scene commentary on all 12 episodes, but with a total running time of just over 51 minutes. This is hardly an overwhelming amount of extras, but better than a lot of similar releases.

The Verdict

The third season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is no better than the other Kardashian family shows, but for fans of the show, it is not significantly worse either. It does feel like it is growing tired and I am not sure just how much longer it can last before even fans of the show move on to the next reality TV series.

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