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Weekend Estimates: Last Exorcism and Takers Neck-and-Neck for Weekend

August 29th, 2010

The penultimate weekend of Summer produced two moderate hits that are battling it out for top spot on the box office chart. The Last Exorcism was fastest out the gate on Friday, earning an estimated $9.4 million on its opening day. Takers turned a $1.7 million deficit on Friday into a $950,000 lead on Saturday, and is projected to top the chart again today, Sunday. If it can do so by $900,000 or more, it will come out the winner for the weekend as a whole. Official studio estimates, however, put The Last Exorcism as the winner with $21.3 million and Takers in second place with $21 million.

The only other "new" wide release was Avatar, which picked up an extra $4 million in 812 3D theaters. Although it used to be fairly common for movies to get re-released a year or so after their initial debut (Star Wars was re-released four times in fives years in late 70s and early 80s, for example), the practice is so uncommon now that its hard to judge whether this can be considered a success or not, but Fox is hardly hurting for cash from this one.

Among returning movies, Inception and The Other Guys both continued strong runs, and were down about 35% compared to last weekend. The latter will pass $100 million on Monday.

Among the limited release, Change of Plans started with an impressive $16,500 in two theaters. Mesrine: Killer Instinct debuted with $155,000 in 28 theaters, for an average around $5,500. Get Low, meanwhile, expanded to 570 theaters and topped $1.7 million for the weekend.

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