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Featured TV on DVD Review: Max and Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter

September 19th, 2010

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Max & Ruby is a Canadian show aimed at preschoolers that started in 2002 and so far 40 episodes have been produced, with more likely to come. It stars Max, a rambunctious four-year old bunny, and Ruby, his more sensible seven-year old sister. There have been many DVD releases from the show, mostly with the same format of four episodes per DVD and three stories per episode. This DVD is the same with 12 stories starting with...

The Show

  • Ruby's Snowbunny
    Ruby and Max are playing in the snow together. However, Ruby wants to make the biggest snowbunny around, while Max just wants to go sledding. Ruby has trouble keeping Max on task, but maybe Max's obsession with sledding will come in handy in the end.
  • Ruby's Snowflake
    Ruby baked three snowflake cookies: one for her, one for Max, and one for their Grandma. However, while she obsessed with making sure all of the snowflakes are perfectly decorated, Max is equally obsessed with getting his cookie right away.
  • Duck Duck Goose
    Ruby and her fellow Bunny Scouts are trying to earn their Winter Bird Tracking Badge. However, while the three of them are taking this serious, all Max wants to do is play Duck Duck Goose. They quickly find three birds... guess what the last two are?
  • Ruby's Gingerbread House
    Ruby and Louise are making a gingerbread house for grandma. Max wants to help and he has plenty of suggestions. Okay, he has one suggestion, worms, but he's says it plenty of times. Ruby doesn't think worms, even gummie worms are right for a gingerbread house.
  • Max's Christmas Past
    Christmas has come and gone, but Max doesn't want to stop celebrating, so while Ruby is trying to clean up, he's redecorating. When she stops his first attempt, he decides to be more secretive the second time around.
  • Max's New Year
    It's New Year's Eve and Grandma is letting Ruby and Max stay up till midnight to celebrate. However, Max doesn't quite get it and wants to start celebrating right away. Waiting is not Max's forte.
  • Ruby's Horn of Plenty
    It's fall and Ruby is harvesting the vegetables to fill her Horn of Plenty to decorate the dinner table, while Max just wants to eat the veggies. Max is clearly the smart one here. Food is for eating, not looking at.
  • Max's Big Kick
    Continuing the fall theme, it's football season and Roger is trying to teach Max how to kick a football. Max is about as successful at kicking a football as Charlie Brown was. Meanwhile, Ruby and Louise are trying to complete a leaf collage, but Max's football lessons keeping getting in the way.
  • Max Says Goodbye
    Ruby is going to Louise's house for a playdate and Max has to come along. Ruby tells Max to pack a bag of toys to play with. Since he can't take all of his toys, she says he'll have to say goodbye to the ones he's leaving behind. So Max starts saying goodbye to his toys, which is a lot easier said than done, as a lot of his toys tend to run around. (He's got wind-up cars, wind-up chicks, wind-up lobsters, etc.)
  • Max's Balloon Buddies
    Max and Ruby go to the Flower Festival, but while Ruby wants to see the flower show, Max is only interested in the balloons. But he has trouble keeping his balloons, as they keep popping, or floating away. Will Ruby every get to see the flowers?
  • Ruby's Penny Carnival
    Ruby is putting on a Penny Carnival where she will play a fortune teller, while there will be food to eat and games to play. Her friends want to help and Max also wants to help, by being scary. Ruby wants him to help, by being somewhere else. Ouch.
  • Ruby's Big Win
    Ruby and Max go to a fun fair. Max wants to play as many games as possible, while Ruby just wants to win herself a goldfish. Max seems to be on a hot streak, but Ruby's having trouble winning, and in the end she's down to her last ticket...

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD, but this is not uncommon for preschool shows.

The Verdict

Max is a bunny of few words. In fact, most episodes he's a bunny of exactly one word, which he repeats endlessly. He might be prone to getting obsessed, but he and his sister have a good time and so should most preschoolers while they watch Max & Ruby. Everybunny Loves Winter has 12 stories, each about 7 minutes long, which adds up to a solid bang for your buck.

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