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Featured TV on DVD Review: Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler

September 24th, 2010

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For much of his time on Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler was widely considered the funniest person on the show. Ahhhh, the joys of Cut & Paste. Anyhoo, like the Eddie Murphy DVD I just reviewed, this one is a re-release with a new bonus section. So the question remains, is it worth upgrading to, or at least picking up?

As I previously mentioned, it was during Eddie Murphy's tenure on SNL that I first became a fan of the show. However, it was during Adam Sandler's tenure that I stopped watching the show. (With the rapid departure of Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, and finally Mike Myers by the time Adam Sandler was at his peak in popularity, I wasn't paying attention to the show anymore.) That said, he did create a number of memorable characters and was part of many classic skits, some of which are collected on this DVD, starting with...

  1. Christmas Song Cold Open
    Adam Sandler's arguably best known for his musical comedy, so it makes sense to start the DVD with a song. Here he's singing a song about why he won't be getting any gifts from Santa this year.
  2. Gap Girls
    Adam Sandler and David Spade star as sales girls at The Gap that are less than useless at their jobs. Alec Baldwin guest stars as a guy who had a one night stand with both of them. Good guest star, bad skit.
  3. Schmitts Gay
    Ever wonder what would it be like if those overly macho beer commercials were aimed at gay men? Here's your answer.
  4. Opera Man #1
    The first of four Opera Man skits. So if you like these bits, you are in luck.
  5. Canteen Boy
    A.k.a., The Waterboy goes camping.
  6. Hanukkah Song
    One of Adam Sandler's best-known songs. If this wasn't included, this DVD would have been useless.
  7. The Denise Show
    Adam Sandler plays a man whose girlfriend dumped him, so he creates a talk show on local cable to wallow in self-pity.
  8. Springsteen
    With Courteney Cox as host, Adam Sandler does a Bruce Springsteen impression to recreate the "Dancing in the Dark" music video.
  9. Room Service
    Sandler is among a group of hotel staff at an Italian hotel taking care of a couple on their honeymoon. Playing up on the Italian stereotype, the staff are all over the woman.
  10. Opera Man #2
    More opera man.
  11. Zagat
    Chris Farley plays Beverly and Adam Sandler plays Hank, a married couple planning their wedding anniversary, so they look through the Zagat's guide. The comedic timing is off in this skit.
  12. Cajun Man
    Cajun Man stops by Weekend Update to talk about spring break, in what appears to be a skit entirely designed to show off an incredibly bad Cajun accent.
  13. Lunch Lady Song
    An ode to lunch ladies with Chris Farley dancing in the titular role.
  14. Opera Man #3
    Even more Opera Man.
  15. Grandma
    Adam Sandler plays a grandmother that lives with her two grandsons: Joey (Michael Keaton) and Bobbie (Chris Farley). While Joey has a girl over, he gets Bobbie to keep Grandma busy, but Grandma only wants Joey.
  16. Halloween Costumes
    Adam Sandler offers suggestions on Halloween costumes that don't cost any money.
  17. The Herlihy Boy
    Need a house sitter? Herlihy really, really wants the job.
  18. Iraq Pete
    In the same vein as the World War II propaganda cartoons that depicted the Japanese has having slanty eyes and big buck teeth. This is so over-the-top that it has to be a parody, right?
  19. Opera Man #4
    And finally we end on Opera Man. Sort of.
  20. Closing Credits
    The closing credits from the original TV broadcast of this special. I think.
Adam Sandler didn't mature as a comedian until after his days on Saturday Night Live, which means a lot of this set is skits that are repetitive, juvenile, or offensive. Some of the jokes about Hillary Clinton, gays in the military, etc. have not aged well because of this. Additionally, how many skits were little more than Adam Sandler doing a funny voice. There are some very funny skits, but the hit to miss ratio is off.

The Extras

The extras include a monologue from when Alec Baldwin was host, which featured Adam Sandler as Canteen Boy. There are also a couple bonus songs, a couple Canjunman skits, and a couple Halloween Costume suggestion skits. That's a total of 22 minutes of bonus skits, but there are more misses than hits.

The Verdict

Adam Sandler is currently the biggest box office draw out of the Saturday Night Live alumni; however, while he's had a lot of big hits, most of his films have earned terrible reviews. I find his films more miss than hit, and so it comes has no surprise that the The Best of... DVD is the same. If you are a fan of his, then it is worth picking up, with with only 22 minutes of new material, it is not worth the upgrade.

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