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Featured TV on DVD Review: Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie

November 8th, 2010

Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie - Buy from Amazon

I've reviewed several Care Bear DVDs in the past, most recently Share-a-Lot in Care-a-Lot. However, while that was several shorts from the TV show, this is billed as a movie. (It's about the same length as three episodes.) Does it have the same entertainment value as the last DVD I reviewed?

The Show

It's almost time for The Giving Festival and everyone in Care-a-Lot are extra excited this year, as Princess Starglo is going to be there. There's a big celebration planned, with a lot of preparations to be done, but the weather is turning against them and they might not get done in time. While waiting for the decorations and the snacks to arrive, they talk about other problems they've had in the past...

Like the time Funshine became so anxious to find someone to help that he gets the Care Bears to help Grizzle find his home, even though he might have caused the recent cloud-quake, and even though it might be a trap. Or the time Oopsy gives the Care Team a day off at Woo Woo World, with the help of Trueheart. However, Trueheart doesn't want to go to Woo Woo World, and Oopsy is determined to help. Turns out, she's scared of one of the rides, so Oopsy helps her build her courage.

When it becomes clear the weather is never going to calm down, they decide to have the party indoors, but that's when they learn the weather isn't frightful because it's winter, but because there's someone, Windle, who doesn't like the Giving Festival and is trying to ruin it. Looks like Windle needs a lesson in caring.

The Extras

There is a bonus episode of Adventures in Care-a-Lot called Belly Blanked / All Give & No Take. In the first part, Funshine loses his belly badge and he has to learn how to live without it. But he didn't just lose it, it was stolen by Grizzle, who is planning on using it to take over Care-a-Lot. In the second part, McKenna is back and still needs to learn the joys of giving. This episode immediately seemed familiar, and for good reason, as it was part of the last DVD I reviewed.

In addition to the bonus episode, there's a short matching game where you have to pick the right Care Bear to the belly badge that is shown. If you get all four right, you can listen to the Giving Festival song.

The Verdict

Overall Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie is exactly what you would expect from the Care Bears. It's not exactly a feature-length film, and it feels a little episodic, but it is bright and full of adventure. The DVD has a bonus episode, so the price-per-minute is on par with other similar releases, while the game should entertain the target audience once or twice. If you kids enjoy the franchise, its worth adding to your collection.

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