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Beyond The Numbers: Introducing OpusData

November 9th, 2010

Our goal here at The Numbers is to make accurate information on the movie industry easily accessible to the film community and the world at large, and today we're excited to announce the major step in achieving that goal: OpusData, our new data service. OpusData gives you direct access to our database through a dedicated web site,, and allows you to build custom reports using an innovative interface that replaces complex queries with simple drag-and-drop tools for selecting data. Results may be downloaded into spreadsheets or other analytical applications, or shared with others by embedding our widgets on your web site. The OpusData API provides full programmatic access to the database for enterprise customers and application developers.

OpusData queries and widgets allow you to explore our database in a completely new way. We already use the service on a daily basis in our research business, and it provides us with a wealth of data that helps us to put together business plans and market analysis for our clients.

Here are some sample OpusData Widgets that show the power and flexibility of the service. (Also note that OpusData Widgets are free to add to your web site or blog, so go ahead and use the embed codes below to republish this information!)

First, here's an analysis of the ratio between domestic DVD sales revenue and domestic theatrical sales for movies made between 2006 and 2010. Note the steep decline in the ratio as DVD sales have declined: