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Featured TV on DVD Review: LeapFrog: Learning Set: Volume 2

November 9th, 2010

LeapFrog: Learning Set: Volume 2 - Buy from Amazon

LeapFrog is an educational line of products that started in 1995. Since then, they have produced interactive games, books, scooters, and starting in 2009, a series of DVDs released by Lionsgate. Last week, the studio released the second volume of their Learning DVDs, which includes three previously released DVDs and a bonus CD.

The Show

The DVDs start with...

  1. Math Adventure to the Moon
    Lilly and Tad have a math assignment for school and they need to bring exactly ten items to school. Tad wants to use his toy cars, but he's used them already. Lilly wants to bring her worms, but they don't think they have enough, and they are too squiggly to count. They both decide to bring moon rocks, but they'll need the help of Edison, their firefly friend, to get them to the moon, and to teach them how to count to ten along the way. However, the trip to the moon turns out to be more adventurous than they were counting on, especially when they overshoot the moon and end up on an undiscovered planet.
    Extras on this DVD include a sorting game and a sing-along with four songs.
  2. Word Caper
    The Frog family visits Mr. Websley's new Complex Word Complex, a factory for making complex words. The kids learn about silent Es and accidentally take away Mr. Websley's voice. Now they have to learn about and digraphs and how they change the sounds vowels make, and use that knowledge to get his voice back.
    There is a spelling game on this DVD.
  3. Math Circus
    Mr. Websley had ordered some super-smart numbers for his Math Circus, so when he sees Mr. Frog and Professor Quigley having fun instead of training his numbers, he decides to put an end to that. However, it turns out all this fun is training the numbers to count, add, and subtract in preparation for the Math Circus, and his efforts to spy on Professor Quigley might result in him getting a little to close to the grand finale for the circus, which involves a rather large cannon.
    The DVD has an adding and subtracting game.

The Extras

The bonus is a CD with 13 songs. There's the show's theme song, "The Learning Path" plus songs from Math Adventure to the Moon and two upcoming DVDs.

The Verdict

Each disc in the LeapFrog: Learning Set: Volume 2 is only 36 minutes long, which is rather short, but the combined running time is actually quite substantial and the price-per-minute is on par with most shows aimed at the same target demographic (kids ages 3 to 6). Add in the games, plus the music CD, and this is a very good deal. (It's like buying two of the DVDs and getting the rest for practically nothing.) If your kids are fans of the LeapFrog franchise, its worth picking up.

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