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Lucky Limited Releases

January 30th, 2009

There are a few limited releases that have a chance of doing well this weekend. The Class should benefit from its Oscar nod while Lucky By Chance has a built in target audience to draw from. Most of the rest will likely struggle, but that's common for this time of year.

Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death and Hannah Senesh - Reviews
A documentary about the poet turned World War II freedom fighter, Hannah Senesh. The film is narrated by Joan Allen, but so far it is only earning mixed reviews. On the one hand, it tells a fascinating story. On the other hand, it doesn't do enough to draw in enough viewers. Blessed is the Match opened on Wednesday at the Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

The Class - Reviews
France's Oscar nominated film for Best Foreign Language Feature. It was released previously for an Oscar qualifying run, which apparently paid off. The Class opens tonight in 4 theaters in New York City and Los Angeles.

Lucky By Chance - Reviews
A Bollywood spoof of the Bollywood film industry. This is the widest release of the week by a huge margin, and it is also earning respectable reviews. That said, there's almost no chance it will succeed outside its niche market. Lucky By Chance opens tonight in 61 theaters in the usual locations.

Medicine for Melancholy - Official Site
This film is earning overwhelmingly positive reviews, and it was even nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards. However, there's not a lot of buzz surrounding the film, good or bad, and that will likely hurt during its limited release. Medicine for Melancholy opens tonight at the IFC Center in New York City and goes PPV on the IFC starting on the 4th of next month.

Shadows - Reviews
A Macedonian film, and we don't have a lot of those in our database. That might help it out somewhat, but given its mixed reviews and its horror overtones, it is unlikely to survive in limited release. Perhaps it will find a more receptive audience on the home market. Shadows opens tonight at the Cinema Village in New York City.


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