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DVD Sales - Open on Fire!

February 10th, 2009

New releases dominated the DVD sales chart this week, taking the top three spots, four of the top five, and seven of the top ten. This includes a surprise number one film, Open Season 2, which took first place with 554,000 units sold, and it was the only release to crack $10 million with opening week sales of $11.07 million. Second place went to Fireproof with 549,000 units and $9.01 million, while Lakeview Terrace was right behind with 502,000 units and $8.31 million. The only holdover in the top five was Max Payne with 239,000 units for the week and totals of 782,000 units and $15.43 million after two. At this pace it will hit 1 million units sold in roughly two weeks. Rounding out the top five was Pride and Glory with 231,000 units and $4.37 million in sales.

Hulk vs. opened in seventh place with 179,000 units and $3.01 million, which is good for a direct-to-DVD release. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was right behind with 140,000 units / $2.37 million. The latest Mary Poppins DVD release landed in 10th place with 128,000 units and $1.86 million. RockNRolla opened in 14th place, which is not bad for a limited release, selling 94,000 units and generating $2.01 million in consumer spending. On the other hand, The Rocker continues to disappoint, earning 19th place with 67,000 units and just $1.48 million.

It was a mixed week on the Blu-ray charts. On the one hand, week-to-week sales dropped 34% to $10.3 million, and this is 8.2% of total sales, while on the top 20 comparison it managed 14%. However, the Blu-ray releases for the week were terrible. Only one DVD in the top 10 was an action film, which is the genre that dominates High Definition sales, and it came out last week. In fact, two of the top ten didn't even have Blu-ray releases. However, even with this incredible weakness in the market, Bu-ray sales were ahead of last year's numbers by 61%, and it is this number than matters the most. The best selling Blu-ray release of the week was The Bourne Trilogy - Blu-ray Box Set, which sold about 80,000 to 90,000 units.


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