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Eyes Wide on IMAX

March 11th, 2009

Watchmen may have missed analysts' expectations overall, but it was stellar on IMAX. In fact, it earned nearly 10% of its domestic haul on just 124 screens nationwide. Domestically, it pulled in $5.4 million on 124 screens for an average of $43,863, while internationally it managed $727,000 on 29. Worldwide IMAX has added $6.2 million to the film's run so far, making it one of the biggest hits in the format's history.

While Watchmen has IMAX screens mostly to itself, that changes shortly with the release of Monsters vs. Aliens at the end of the month, while Star Trek debuts early May. And you can't forget Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which should rule IMAX theaters this summer when it opens in July.


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