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Movie Website Reviews for the Weekend of May 1st, 2009

May 2nd, 2009

Looking like a bad week for websites with none of them rising above average. That is till we get to the last website on this week's list, X-Men Origins - Wolverine's Official Site, which is the best of the week, and the winner of the Weekly Website Award.

Act of God - No Official Site
No official site, but there is some information on the studio's site.

Battle for Terra - Official Site
The usual features are here, mostly. (There are character bios, but no cast bios.) There are two versions of the trailer here, including one in 3-D, but the only other 'extra' are the clips used as intros to each section.

Ghosts of Girlfriend Past - Official Site
Stunningly average. There's a little bit of animation and some audio clips used as intros, but that's the only thing that sets it apart from the average limited release site. The genre tends to suffer from too many clich├ęs, and this site just reinforces the lack of originality.

Home - Official Site
The text on the intro to this site is too faded to read. It wasn't that way yesterday when I was doing research for the Limited Release Report, so I'm not sure what changed. As for the content, all of the usual features are here, plus a section for the poems in the movie. It's not much, but better than a lot of limited release sites.

The Limits of Control - Official Site
The URL above is just a re-direct to the studio site. At least there is does have all of the usual information, plus additional information on the film's premiere, the director, and more. I would have liked more sound and animation, as there is none, but what we have is average for a limited release.

Naked Ambition - Official Site
Just the trailer with information on buying the book.

The Skeptic - Official Site
Just a short synopsis, cast & crew list, and a trailer.

A Wink and a Smile - Official Site
Not a whole lot here, just the synopsis, gallery, trailer, and two clips. It has a better sense of style than most documentary sites, but given its subject matter, I was expecting more.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine - Official Site
An excellent site with all of the usual information (synopsis, images, trailers, but no cast & crew bios). Several of the main characters have pages and each have audio clips, icons, wallpaper, and several of these have additional clips. (Sadly, this doesn't include Deadpool.) There is also a very cool, multi-level action game where you fight as Wolverine in the many historical battles he face. And if you collect all of the hidden items, you get to watch a clip from the movie after each level. There is also a 'Mutant Power' activator where you can choose a mutant and use their powers on the site (scratch the screen with Wolverine, punch it with The Blob, etc.). It's fun, but doesn't add too much to the site. That said, with more than enough sound and animation, this site is clearly the best site this week and the winner of the Darwinian Weekly Website Award.


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