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X Marks the Top of the Per Theater Chart

May 5th, 2009

There was only one film to top $10,000 on the per theater charts; in fact, there was only one film that care reasonably close. Wolverine was that one film as it topped both the per theater chart and the overall chart with an average of $20,751 in more than 4000 theaters. Second place went to Three Monkeys with $8,818 in just one theater.

The new releases ranged from disappointing to devastating. The best of them was The Merry Gentlemen, which made $75,000 in 24 theaters for an average of $3,124. A Wink and a Smile did manage to top the Mendoza Line with $2,346 in one theater. The Limits of Control was not as lucky opening with a three-theater average of $1,940. The Skeptic was further down the list at just $1,553, also in one theater.

Sunshine Cleaning reached $10 million just before the weekend, but that was the only milestone of the weekend.


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