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International Top of the Chart - Wolverine Slices Up the Competition

May 7th, 2009

Wolverine opened worldwide over the weekend and easily won the race to the top of the international box office. During its opening weekend, it managed $73.11 million on 9364 screens in 101 markets. This includes number on openings in many major markets, the best of which was the U.K. at $9.93 million on 488 screens, which was triple its nearest competition.

The film opened in first place in France with $7.66 million on 700 screens, but for the full week. Other number one debuts include Australia, where the film made $4.86 million on 416 screens over the weekend and $5.86 million in total. Spain was next up with $4.40 million on 476 screens over the weekend and $5.32 million in total. In Brazil, the film made $5.04 million 647 screens, which is absolutely huge for that market, the fourth biggest in history. Russia and Germany were not big at $4.17 million on 774 screens and $4.01 million on 691 screens respectively, but still enough for first place, as was Italy at $3.54 million on 427 screens. It made an estimated $1.2 million in China, but that was for the first day.

On the downside, the film only managed third place in South Korea with $2.67 million on 573 screens over the weekend and $3.22 million in total. This is still respectable.

We will get to the second place film, Hannah Montana the Movie, and the rest of the top 30 on Sunday.


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