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Movie Website Reviews for the Weekend of May 8th, 2009

May 10th, 2009

The second monster hit of the summer came out this weekend, Star Trek, and its Official Site dominated this list as much as the movie is dominating the box office.

Adoration - Official Site
Typical of Sony Picture Classics sites. It has a lot of information, including production notes, notes on the cast (in addition to the cat bios) and more. However, there's not enough style to set it apart. Effective for a limited release.

Julia -Official Site
No official site, as this above is just a dead link. The distributor has some information on their site, but nothing in terms of style.

Kabie - No Office Site
Nothing to review.

Little Ashes - Official Site
Good style for a limited release. Also, there's plenty of content, including the regular features. But the heart of the site is he the video section, which not only has the trailer, but also several clips and even two behind-the-scenes video clips. There's not much in the way of flash, but it is better than most limited releases.

Love N'Dancing - Official Site
The usual features are here, as well as a PSA from Creative Coalition. The best feature of the site is the background music, which includes four full songs. Other than that, it is effective, but doesn't stand out.

Next Day Air - Official Site
The first wide release of the week, and it does have more style than most limited release sites, but it just average for a wide release. The best aspect of the site are the video clips used as intros, but even then, they are a little short, and a couple are from the trailer. The overlap suggests it is not a strong movie.

Outrage - Official Site
Very little on this site, as it's mostly the basics with no real sense of style. However, this is common for documentary sites.

Powder Blue - Official Site
This site doesn't even have all of the usual features with just the synopsis, cast & crew list, image gallery, and trailer. There's no flash here either.

Star Trek - Official Site
This one is a little confusing to deal with, as there are two official sites. ... Make that at least two. First of all, there's the site for the movie, which is the one linked above. Then there's the site for the franchise, which has a ton of information, including some on the movie. Then there is the site for the Enterprise itself, but sadly it is just a re-direct to the movie site at the moment. Not sure if it always was, but that could change. The movie site has plenty of sound and animation to go with the selection of features, which includes the usual (synopsis, bios, images, trailers); common extras like clips (eight of them); and even some interactive features (including puzzle games and even actions games). You could easily spend more time exploring this site than it would take to watch the movie, and that is high praise. The best site of the week, and easily the winner of the Trekkiest Weekly Website Award.


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