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International Top of the Chart - Star Shines Bright

May 13th, 2009

It was a good news / bad news situation for Star Trek on the international chart. Yes, it did win the weekend race; however, its numbers were not as strong as they were domestically. It opened in first place with $35.75 million on 5556 screens in 54 markets, which is already more than Nemesis made in total, and is already fifth best in the franchise, but the franchise has always been a tough sell outside the domestic box office.

Its best market was the U.K. where it opened in first place with $9.06 million on 499 screens for a per screen average of $18,127. It also opened in first place in Germany with $4.28 million on 688 screens, in Australia with $3.57 million on 317 screens, in France with $2.8 million, and in Russia with $1.88 million on 562 screens over the weekend for a total of $1.97 million.

It wasn't as fortunate in South Korea where it place second to a local hit earning $2.09 million on 502 screens over the weekend for a total of $2.34 million. It was a distant second in Italy with $1.16 million on 327 screens over the weekend and $1.21 million in total. While it placed third in Spain behind both Hannah Montana the Movie and Wolverine with $1.54 million on 400 screens.

Star Trek has yet to open in China, which it will debut in this coming weekend; Japan, where it opens at the end of the month; and Mexico, which is a June debut. It shouldn't have any trouble becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise, while I would assume the studio is already working on the next installment.

Tune in on Sunday when we will take about Wolverine, Hannah Montana the Movie, and the rest of the multi-million dollar hits.


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