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Big List of Limited Releases

May 15th, 2009

No. There's not a big list of limited releases this week, but there is a limited release that is opening big. And another that could become big. And another that has the word 'Big' in its title. And that's it. Just the three films on this week's list.

Big Man Japan - Reviews
A film that I will likely buy when it comes out on DVD, but one that is very, very unlikely to play anywhere near me. In it, writer / director Hitoshi Matsumoto stars as Masaru Daisatou, as slacker whose job is to be shocked until he transforms into Dai Nipponjin, a.k.a. Big Man Japan, who is the last line of defense against Giant Monsters that attack it. So far its reviews are just below the 80% positive usually associated with films that thrive in limited release, while I'm not sure the comedy will translate well. Big Man Japan opens tonight in two theaters: Cinema Village 12th Street in New York City and the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Brothers Bloom - Reviews
The first possible breakout limited release hit of the year. The film was pushed back from a December / January release to now, and that's not a great sign. That said, the trailer is effective and the cast looks good, and perhaps it will have more mainstream appeal than it has with critics. Here's hoping. The Brothers Bloom opens tonight in four theaters, two in New York City and two in the Los Angeles area. While it is set to expand in two weeks.

Management - Buy from Amazon
Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn star in this romantic comedy. This is a movie that has potential to do well with mainstream audiences, if it gets shown to mainstream audiences. The problem is, it is opening in limited release, which is not good for its genre. It is opening in 212 theaters, which is too many for limited release. And it is opening with reviews that are barely above 50% positive, which is too low for limited release. Maybe it will surprise, but I wouldn't bet on it.


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