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DVD Sales - Fog of War

May 16th, 2009

There was some confusion on top of this week's sales chart, as there were two new releases that could claim top spot on. Leading the way, at least in terms of units sold, was Bride Wars, which just managed to reach seven figures with sales of 1.00 million units and $16.04 million. Second place went to Hotel for Dogs, kind of. It was second in terms of units with 916,000, but first in terms of raw dollars with $16.10 million. The Uninvited was well back in third place with just 233,000 units / $4.20 million. Notorious was the best of the holdovers, but it still fell from first to fourth with 211,000 units for the week giving it a total of 817,000 units and $18.97 million in total. Meanwhile, Twilight continues its impressive run selling an additional 211,000 over the week giving it a total of 7.93 million units sold and $143.27 million in sales. It is the best selling DVD of the year by both measures.

There were only two other new releases to chart, and they were both from the same TV show. X-Men Volume 1 placed 16th with 97,000 units and $1.74 million, while Volume 2 placed 20th with 91,000 units and $1.63 million.

It was another week of terrible releases on Blu-ray, but overall sales were still amazing. Week-to-week there was a drop-off to $15.1 million, but that is still strong compared to most weeks this year, and it represented 8.9% of the total home market and 10% of the top 20 comparison. More importantly, it was an unbelievable 177% increase from the same week last year, and this was compared DVD sales, which fell 5.2%. The best seller was Bride Wars, which only sold 30,000 units. Second place went to Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One, which sold 24,000 units. This is roughly twice as much as it sold on HD DVD in total. And assuming it can at least match that figure during the rest of the year, which should be easy, it will be profitable for the studio.


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