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Weekend Box Office Ends Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

May 18th, 2009

There were mixed results at the weekend box office as Angels and Demons missed the low end of most analysts' expectations, which led to an 8% decline in box office numbers from last weekend. However, at $137 million, it was up 4.2% from the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2009 has brought in $3.62 billion compared to last year's pace of $3.13 billion, which is an increase of close to 16%.

On the one hand, Angels and Demons opened in top spot with $46.20 million over the weekend, which was the sixth best opening of the year. On the other hand, it was 40% lower than The Da Vinci Code's opening back in 2006. I think this is as much as a product of the previous film's reviews as it is this film's reviews, which were an improvement, but still not great. Its internal multiplier was 2.81, which is better than a lot of sequels, and with the holidays coming up, it could last a long time in theaters. Add in fantastic international numbers, and the film should have no issue showing a profit, perhaps even a large enough one to turn the franchise into a trilogy.

Star Trek benefited from a weaker than expected number one film and better than expected reviews, as it was down just 46% to $43.03 million over the weekend, while it now has $147.65 million in total. It is already the fourth biggest hit of the year, just ahead of Paul Blart, and is on pace to overtake Monsters vs. Aliens for the number one spot on the yearly chart, perhaps as early as this time next week. It depends on how well it does over Memorial Day holiday. Regardless, it has nearly matched its production budget domestically, and there's little doubt that it will make enough money to show a sizable profit before it reaches the lucrative home market.

Wolverine bounced back a bit, down just 44% to $14.70 million over the weekend for a total of $150.99 million after three. $175 million domestically it now its goal, while it might reach the same level internationally. Even if it doesn't, it will show a profit, it is just a matter of if it does so before the home market, or during its initial run.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past finished within a rounding error of expectations with $6.65 million over the weekend and $39.86 million after three.

Meanwhile, Obsessed added $4.59 million to its running tally of $62.61 million.

Moving onto the sophomore class, Next Day Air managed to stick around in the top ten with $2.24 million over the weekend giving it a two-week total of $7.61 million. That said, I don't think theater owners will be enthusiastic about keeping it much longer.


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