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International Top of the Chart - Angels Fly High Internationally

May 20th, 2009

Thanks to the Victoria Day holiday, we are working with studio estimates for a lot of the international numbers. However, we know more than enough details about the number one film. (I'm a little more concerned that the rest of the multi-million dollar films won't be known by Sunday.) That number one film was Angels and Demons, which is really living up to the comparisons to Prince Caspian. Domestically the film struggled to match the low end of lowered expectations domestically, but internationally the film shined. It had the biggest weekend of the year with $104.3 million on 10,468 screens in 96 markets, and it reportedly opening in first place in all of them. This was significantly lower than the $152.45 million The Da Vinci Code opened with in 2006, on the other hand. This movie will still make a profit, will still easily make a profit, and the studio will be looking to turn the franchise into a trilogy. However, I don't think it will go beyond that.

The film's biggest opening came from Germany where it scored $11.74 million on 792 screens, while it had a massive $7.45 million opening on 783 screens over the weekend in Italy and $9.88 million in total. The U.K. was right behind with $9.21 million on 506 screens. Other major markets include Russia, where it made $6.96 million on 685 screens; Spain, where it made $6.92 million on 669; Japan, where it made $5.78 million on 722 screens over the weekend and $7.19 million in total. Brazil, which is becoming a major market, contributed $3.78 million on 509 screens. The film was not as strong in Australia with $3.96 million on 434 screens, nor in South Korea with $3.60 million on 618 screens over the weekend and $4.09 million in total, but it still finished in first place in Both.

Up next for Angels and Demons in terms of major markets is Mexico this weekend, while we still don't know if government officials will clear the film for a box office run in China.

Second place went to Star Trek, but we will get to that film, and the rest of the multi-million dollar movies on Sunday. Hopefully.


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