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Movie Website Reviews for the Weekend of May 29th, 2009

May 30th, 2009

Not much competition for the Weekly Website Award this time around, as there was only one site that was significantly above average. That site was Up's Official Site, and it is the winner of the Weekly Website Award.

Departures - Official Site
All the usual information is here, as well as a handful of clips. In addition, the site feels very polished, but not flashy. Exactly what one would expect in terms of content and quality.

Drag Me To Hell - Official Site
Considering this is a wide release, the site is a little disappointing. All of the usual features are here, plus there's enough sound and animation to not seem boring, but there's not enough here to make it really stand out. It's solidly average, which is hardly an insult, but I was expecting more.

Offshore - Official Site
All the usual features are here, but there's not a lot of style in the presentation. It looks like it's a low budget independent film, which it is.

Pontypool - Official Site
This is actually the site for the Canadian release and it looks exactly the same as it was when I mentioned it before. Effective for a limited release.

Up - Official Site
The only saturation level release of the week, it has a lot of pressure to be worthy of the Weekly Website Award. The good news, it has all of the usual features (synopsis, production notes, bios, images, and trailers) and it has plenty of extras as well. These extras include plenty of videos: a few clips from the movie, Upisodes (clips made for the net), several behind-the-scenes featurettes. There are also four games, all of which are quite fun. I especially like the Balloon Blow-Up and Merit Badge Mayhem. Overall there's nothing to complain about this site, and while it might not be as big as some of Pixar's previous sites, it is still worthy of the elevated Weekly Website Award.

What Goes Up - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but the only extra is a reasonably active blog. There is nothing wrong with the site, but it feels like a low budget, independent film with just a hint of flash and not enough to help it stand out.


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