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DVD Sales - Really Into New Releases

June 17th, 2009

There was a short list of new releases this week, but four of them were still able to reach the top five on this week's sales chart. Leading the way was He's Just Not That Into You with 1.03 million units sold and $17.57 million in consumer spending at retail. Defiance opened in second place with 483,000 units sold and $8.27 million in spending, which is good compared to its theatrical run. Paul Blart - Mall Cop was the only holdover in the top five and added 258,000 units / $4.13 million to lift its running tally to 2.63 million / $43.46 million. Revolutionary Road never really expanded wide and never reached the top ten, but it did open in fourth place on the DVD sales chart with 243,000 units, while its opening week sales were $4.13 million. Fifth place went to Weeds - Season Four, which sold 239,000 units; however, thanks to a higher list price, it was third in terms of dollars at $5.98 million.

The only other new release to chart was Prison Break - Season Four, which placed 12th with 123,000 units / $3.97 million.

Blu-ray sales reached $16.0 million overall this week, which was up 14% from last weekend and 108% from the same weekend last year. Compared to DVD sales, it was 9.2% of the overall sales, and 12% of the top 20 comparison. All four of these figures are at, or above yearly averages so far, and that's with really weak Blu-ray releases for the week. The best-selling title in the format was Defiance, which sold just shy of 100,000 units. Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children was second with just over 80,000 units. Weeds - Season Four was next with just over 50,000 units, while the overall number one film, He's Just Not That Into You, placed fifth with just under 50,000 units. (Last week's number one film, Taken, fit into between those two releases in fourth place.) Next week's Blu-ray releases are no better, but when the blockbusters start coming out, we should see record sales in the format.


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