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Limited Releases Looking for Blood

July 10th, 2009

Another slow week for limited releases with only three releases on this list. However, two of those three releases are earning fantastic reviews. Sadly, it's the third release that has the widest release.

Blood - The Last Vampire - Reviews
A live action adaptation of a anime TV series from Japan. Making a live action cartoon is risky. Making a adaptation from a source material that most people here haven't seen is risky. For this film to come out in limited release with reviews that are only 19% positive... well, I just can't see this movie being a success theatrically. It could be a cult hit on the home market, on the other hand. Blood - The Last Vampire opens tonight in 20 theaters in select city nationwide.

Humpday - Reviews
A movie about two men who were friends in college and who reunite a decade later when they are middle age and fall into their old dynamics. I.E., macho one-upmanship. Where do these dares go? To the obvious conclusion... gay porn. Humpday opens tonight in two theaters, including the Angelika Film Center in New York City and the Harvard Exit Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

Soul Power - Reviews
Why isn't there a Biopic of James Brown? His life story is so compelling, it seems obvious it should be turned into a movie. A little off topic. This movie is a documentary about the Soul music festival that happened in Zaire in 1974 to be in conjunction with the Rumble in the Jungle. The film is earning excellent reviews and could be a bit of a sleeper hit. Soul Power opens tonight in six theaters, mostly in the Los Angeles area, but also in New York City.


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