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Potter's Powerful Early International IMAX Results

July 21st, 2009

While Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has to wait till the 29th before Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen makes room on domestic IMAX screens, the film has had its first taste of IMAX success. It earned an international record of $3.6 million on just 62 screens over the five days from Wednesday through Sunday, which was the biggest five-day opening for the format. Other international records set by the latest Harry Potter film include the biggest opening Wednesday of all time ($570,000) and the biggest single day of all time ($875,000).

The film has yet to fully expand internationally, and it is scheduled to play on 231 screens worldwide. The delay in hitting IMAX here will likely hurt its box office numbers, but with literally months between now and when A Christmas Carol opens, it could show strong legs.


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