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DVD Sales - New Releases Haunt Sales Chart

July 30th, 2009

There were not a lot of new releases to chart this week, and only one of them made it into the top five. However, that one film was A Haunting in Connecticut, which earned first place earning $8.76 million on 439,000 units sold. Knowing slipped into second place with $267,000 units sold for the week giving it a total of 1.04 million units and $16.21 million in sales. Push was pushed into third place with 159,000 units / $2.56 million for the week and 606,000 units and $9.98 million in total. Gran Torino remained in fourth place with 132,000 units / $1.83 million for the week and 3.24 million unit / $49.98 million after six. The film is slowly climbing up the charts and it is now in seventh place for the year. Rounding out the top five was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which sold 109,000 units lifting its total to 11.07 million units and $219.64 million. It's amazing how many DVDs the franchise sells every time a new installment comes out.

Just missing the top five was Mad Men - Season Two with 95,000 units sold, but thanks to its TV on DVD price tag, it was third in revenue with $3.17 million for its opening week. Another TV on DVD release, The State - The Complete Series, was the next new release placing 16th with 52,000 units / $1.80 million. The final new release to reach the top 30 was the direct-to-DVD release, Van Wilder - Freshman Year with 44,000 units and $705,000.

Sales were weaker on Blu-ray as the format was down nearly 31% from last week to $11.2 million, which was 8.0% of total sales and 8% of the top 20 comparison. However, it was also 91% more than the same weekend last year, so there's hardly reason to panic. The best selling Blu-ray title was A Haunting in Connecticut with an estimated 55,000 units while Knowing was right behind with 53,000 units. More interesting was the third place release, Mad Men - Season Two, which sold 32,000 units, which is very impressive for TV on DVD releases, especially compared to its DVD sales. It's High Definition sales ratio of 21.7% was the best for any day-and-date release for the week.


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