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Weekend Estimates: Zombieland Has a Lively Opening

October 4th, 2009

Horror-comedy Zombieland made an impressive start over the weekend to top the weekend chart, according to studio estimates released on Sunday. The movie, starring Woody Harrelson, earned an impressive $25 million -- the actor's best opening ever. It was a great weekend for Sony, which also saw a strong third weekend for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The 3D digital animation fell 33% to $16.7 million and is now well on its way to a $100 million total.

Another 3D digitally animated movie was in third place. More accurately, two 3D digitally animated movies were in third place, as the double-bill re-release Toy Story 3D Double Feature earned $12.5 million in just 1,745 theaters.

The top 10 was packed with new releases or expansions. The Invention of Lying pulled in $7.35 million for Warner Bros., topping last year's debut for Ghost Town, Ricky Gervais' previous star turn. Capitalism: A Love Story expanded to 962 theaters and earned $4.85 million, a little softer than Michael Moore's previous outing, Sicko. Whip It was probably the biggest disappointment for the weekend, earning $4.85 million in 1,720 theaters for an average of just $2,820 per theater in spite of very favorable reviews.

- Weekend Estimates

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