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And You Thought Avatar was Big in Regular Theaters

December 22nd, 2009

Avatar set records over the weekend on IMAX screens across the nation, pulling in $9.5 million on 178 screens, which is the largest opening for an IMAX film and also the widest release in the format's history. There were reports of nearly every ticket being sold with theater owners adding shows at 3 am, and in some cases 6 am, to deal with the demand. Internationally, the film made $4.1 million on 58 screens for a worldwide total of $13.6 million so far. The film has yet to fully expand internationally, while historically films have had better legs on IMAX than on regular screens, which will undoubtedly help it going forward.

Next up for IMAX is Alice in Wonderland and IMAX Hubble 3D, both of which open in March. Meanwhile it was recently announced that Toy Story 3 will also come out on IMAX screens.


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