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DVD Sales - First place to Yuma

January 21st, 2008

3:10 to Yuma led a group of new releases on this week's sales chart earning an impressive $20.16 million from 1.07 million in sales. That was almost as much as Resident Evil: Extinction has sold in two weeks -- its running tally is 1.19 million units sold for total revenue of $22.69 million. This includes 290,000 units and $5.85 million during its second week of release. Dragon Wars opened in third place with just 184,000 units sold for $3.66 million, which would not have been enough to reach the top 30 just three weeks ago. War was pushed into fourth place with 183,000 units sold over seven days for totals of 729,000 units and $14.53 million. Opening in fifth place was Death Sentence with 163,000 units / $3.26 million and that is par given its anemic theatrical run.

Sunshine, which landed in sixth place with 119,000 units sold for $2.70 million in revenue. Two and a Half Men - The Second Season was well back in 18th place with 57,000 units sold for $1.73 million. Meanwhile, the only other new release to chart was the direct-to-DVD offering, Boogeyman 2, which placed 20th with 55,000 units sold for $1.10 million.

This was the first full week after Warner Bros. made its announcement that it was supporting Blu-Ray only, and it showed. Blu-Ray won the week by a ratio of 85 to 15, which is the most lop-sided win since Blu-Ray entered the market. At this point, even if HD-DVD bounces back a bit next week, I wouldn't be surprised if Paramount or Universal switched sides by the end of the first quarter. And if they don't, retailers will simply stop stocking HD-DVD once the last WB title comes out in May.


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