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DVD Rentals - Rock's Got Game

February 4th, 2008

Like it did on the sales chart, the new release, The Game Plan, was able to lead all rentals with an opening of $10.22 million. Good Luck Chuck came in a close second with $9.21 million for the week and $20.82 million after two. Saw IV opened in third place with $8.19 million, which is actually more than Saw III opened with. 3:10 to Yuma earned $7.26 million this week while Rush Hour 3 was close behind with $7.12 million. Running totals has the latter ahead of the former $54.29 million to $26.92 million.

The Hunting Party just missed the top five with $7.03 million while Sydney White opened in ninth place with $6.21 million. Further down the list were the only other two new releases of the week with Blonde Ambition coming in 23rd place with $2.69 million while Missionary Man earned 26th place with $2.15 million.


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