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DVD Sales - Why did Tyler Perry Earn Top Spot?

February 25th, 2008

There were eight new releases to reach the top 30 on the sales chart this week, and this includes Why did I get Married? with 842,000 units sold for opening week revenue of $14.78 million. In comparison, it missed the top 10 on the rental charts by quite a margin, which is the sign of a serious Fanboy Effect.

We Own the Night placed second with 574,000 units sold compared to No Reservations with 560,000 units. However, thanks to a higher list price, the latter film earned $11.17 million in revenue compared to $10.88 million. Snow Buddies was the only holdover in the top five, adding 532,000 units to its running tally of $1.76 million units sold, which represents $32.90 million in revenue. There was a serious gap between fourth and fifth as Gone, Baby, Gone sold 289,000 units for opening week sales of $5.14 million. The film did lead on the rental charts, which could bode well for its future on the sales chart.

Two other new releases were back-to-back with Becoming Jane placing seventh with 229,000 / $4.12 million and What's Done in the Dark... placing eighth with 216,000 / $3.40 million. The Martian Child was well back in 20th place with just 73,000 units sold for opening week sales of $1.45 million while WWE - The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin managed 23rd place with opening week sales of 66,000 units / $1.36 million.

Moving on to the Format War, in a bout of irony, the week Toshiba announced they were dropping HD DVD, HD DVD had its best showing in a while, earning a 27% market share. (It is important to note that losing 73% to 27% is still terrible and completely unsustainable, but it is better than the past few weeks.) However, now that HD DVD is officially dead, not just mortally wounded as it has been since Warner Bros. defected, the real battle begins: Blu-ray vs. DVD.


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