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International Top Five - Who's First Milestone

April 16th, 2008

No film reached $10 million over the weekend, but Horton Hears A Who did reach a major milestone. The film made $9.02 million on 4,823 screens in 41 markets for a total of $103.36 million. It did open in a number of smaller markets including Poland where it landed in second place with $507,000 on 105 screens over the weekend and $656,000 in total. However, the lion's share of the movie's weekend haul came from France where it was down just 6% to $3.02 million on 708 screens for a total of $7.01 million after two. While it did shed screens and markets this weekend, the movie isn't done yet. With openings in Italy this coming weekend, South Korea in May, and Japan in July it will be earning money well into the Summer.

21 debuted on the international charts with $8.09 million on 974 screens in 8 markets to land in second place. The film opened in a trio of major markets and scored first place in each. In the U.K. it earned $3.25 million on 354 screens, in Germany it made $2.14 million on 295, while in Spain it pulled in $1.92 million on 251. This is a good start, and if it can build on this momentum it should be able to reach $100 million internationally.

Bienvenue Chez les Ch'its returned to first place in France and rose to third place internationally with $7.26 million on 941 screens in 4 markets for a total of $178.43 million. The film has now made $168.69 million in its native market, including $6.41 million on 848 screens this past weekend. It has 18.57 million total tickets sold, which is closing rapidly on Titanic's record of 20.64 million.

Disco fell 44% over the weekend, but still earned $4.82 million on 857 screens in 3 markets for a total of $15.83 million. In France it slipped to second place with $4.65 million on 820 screens over the weekend for a total of $15.24 million in total.

Step Up 2 The Streets returned to the top five after an absence of a couple of weeks. Overall it made $4.78 million on 1684 screens in 29 markets for a total of $63.69 million. The film has very few markets left to open in, but it has already topped expectations and the studio must be very happy so far.


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