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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of April 18, 2008

April 20th, 2008

Only a handful of sites this week that rise just to the level of being average. And only one site, The Forbidden Kingdom - Official Site, that even comes close to being award worthy. Fortunately, it is clearly at that level and it has everything one could need including plenty of information, sound & animation, and even a game.

88 Minutes - Official Site
All the usual features are here plus video clips as intros to each section. One of the better sites this week, but still sadly average.

Anamorph - No Official Site
Nothing to review, which is shocking given the cast of the movie. I expect smaller movie, especially foreign imports to lack a site, not a movie with a few Billion Dollar actors in it.

Constantine's Sword - No Official Site
On the other hand, this is the type of smaller movie where I'm not surprised there's no site.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - Official Site
A lot more flash than most documentary site have. Of course, this is a documentary that only has flash to go on. (On a side note, the origins of life is dealt with in Abiogenesis and is not a part of Evolution. When people make such a basic mistake as Ben Stein does in the opening of the trailer, it is a clear warning that they don't know what they are talking about. It's like getting whether and climate confused. It's a credibility killer.) The site feels like it is preaching to the choir and won't interest anyone who isn't already a true believer.

First Sunday in May - Official Site
This site is light on information, even compared to other documentary sites. There is a blog, but it seems to be dedicated entirely on getting people to spread the word about the movie and less about convincing surfers that they should watch the movie.

The Forbidden Kingdom - Official Site
This is a huge site filled with extras. On the main page, there are seven section to explore. These section include video clips, character bios, timelines, etc. More than enough information for anyone interested in the movie. (Hopefully this information isn't needed to enjoy the movie.) There is also a game that is very similar to guitar hero, which is called Mandolin Warrior, and you are rewarded with short clips for each level you pass. Additionally, the site has all of the usual features: synopsis, bios, image gallery, trailers. Some of the bios are still marked coming soon, but that's a small complaint overall and won't prevent the site from winning the Silent Drunk Weekly Website Award.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Official Site
Not a very big site with the regular features, synopsis, bios, image gallery, trailers, as well as a few extras, 18+ content, Make Your Own Tabloid, and Hawaiian name generator. (Mine is A'Alakkai.) The biggest feature is on the main site with the characters. Each of the characters have several audio clips, some of which are featured in the trailer or other clips. Adds to the site, but doesn't lift it to the award-worthy level.

Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts - Official Site
A lot of information, but almost no style. Most of the content is presented in bog blocks of text, while there are several video clips to watch / download.

Kiss the Bride - Official Site
Just the usual information without much in the way of style. Also, I don't like automated slideshow presentations when it comes to the image gallery. I would much rather have control over what pictures I see.

Life Before Her Eyes - Official Site
A very small site that is missing some of the basics with the bios absent. There is a resolution widget that allows you to writer a resolution and you will get an e-mail in 4 months to check to see if you fulfilled it.

Madama Butterfly - No Official Site
San Francisco Opera Cinemacasts never have official sites.

Pathology - Official Site
Of the regular features, only the trailer is present. There are a lot of reviews from Comic-Con and the theater listing, widget, downloads, etc. But the lack of synopsis and bios is troubling.

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? - Official Site
More style than most documentary sites have, but not as much substance. This seems to be a common complaint about the movie.

Zombie Strippers - Official Site
Mostly just the regular features, but there are six clips in the video section. There's more style than many limited release sites have, but I'm not sure how effective it is at selling the movie.


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