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Weekend Estimates: Iron Man Heading to $100 Million Weekend

May 4th, 2008

Iron Man is heading towards $100 million, the 2nd-biggest opening by a non-sequel and the 10th-biggest opening weekend of all time, according to Paramount's estimates, released on Sunday. The current estimate stands at $100.75 million, which leaves some uncertainty over whether Iron Man will top the magical $100 million level, but either way the performance is incredibly impressive for a movie with less of a built-in audience than the likes of Harry Potter or Spider-Man.

The record opening for the first movie in a franchise is Spider-Man's $114.8 million, achieved six years ago this weekend (see list of biggest opening weekends). Eight sequels have bigger openings, coming from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, X-Men, Shrek and Harry Potter franchises. That's an exulted group of movie properties, and Paramount will be delighted to have a new franchise to join that group.

Elsewhere on the chart, Made of Honor proved to be a good counter-programming movie, and made a decent start with $15.5 million. All the other movies at the top of the chart suffered from the strong competition. Only Nim's Island, in its fifth weekend, fell less than 40%.

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