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DVD Sales - Dresses are in Fashion

May 12th, 2008

It was a close race on top of the DVD sales chart this week as 27 Dresses topped His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, 1.29 million units to 1.05 million units. However, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass came out on top in terms of dollars, $21.97 million to $20.92 million. Cloverfield was knocked to third place with 386,000 units for the week and 1.31 million and $20.65 million. Juno reached the 2 million mark with 280,000 units sold for the week for a three-week total of 2.20 million units / $38.12 million. Alvin and the Chipmunks remained in fifth place with 210,000 units sold and $3.47 million in revenue. It is now less than a week away from becoming just the second release of the year to sell 5 million units.

The only other new release to chart was Hero Wanted, which placed 17th with sales of 65,000 units / $1.29 million.

Moving onto Blu-ray, sales were down for the week with the format taking 5% of the 20 / 20 comparison. Interestingly, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass won the week and sold more than three times the volume of its nearest competition. However, the fact that this domestic box office bomb came out on top explains why Blu-ray sales were down.


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