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International Details - Crystals Skull Finds Audiences Worldwide

May 29th, 2008

The second true worldwide released happened this past weekend with the long awaited debut of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That film opened in first place with $146.39 million on 8427 screens in 55 markets, which was the sixth biggest international opening of all time. Including Memorial Day Monday, the film already has nearly $300 million worldwide, which is likely enough to pay for the film's production budget.

Impressively, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull debuted in first place in all 55 markets with it's most prolific opening happening in the U.K. where it earned $24.16 million on 538 screens (including the Monday holiday). That was not the only market where it cracked 8 digits, as it earned $15.66 million on 900 screens in France, $12.09 million on 858 screens in Germany, and $11.08 million on 732 screens over the weekend in Spain for a total of $12.46 million. The film just missed that mark in Australia with $9.36 million on 535 screens while it earned $10.10 million on 848 screens in South Korea, but only $8.76 million of that came over the weekend. In all of these markets, the film was able to top Iron Man's debut by a significant margin; in fact, in Germany and Spain the film has already surpassed Iron Man's running tally.

Other $1 million openings came from...

  • Russia: $8.37 million on 811 screens
  • Italy: $6.20 million on 689 screens
  • Mexico: $4.13 million on 408 screens
  • Brazil: $3.63 million on 545 screens
  • Denmark: $1.86 million on 113 screens
  • Poland: $1.75 million on 137 screens
  • Belgium: $1.66 million on 103 screens
  • Netherlands: 1.61 million on 133 screens
  • Hong Kong: $1.55 million on 88 screens
  • Singapore: $1.42 million on 81 screens
  • Sweden: $1.37 million on 148 screens over the weekend and $1.83 million in total
  • Norway: $1.36 million on 97 screens over the weekend and $1.77 million in total
  • New Zealand: $1.28 million on 114 screens
  • Philippines: $1.16 million on 101 screens
  • Thailand: $1.14 million on 261 screens
  • Malaysia: $1.09 million on 96 screens
  • Greece: $1.06 million on 138 screens
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has yet to open in Japan, but even without that market, $500 million worldwide is practically assured and this would make it the highest grossing film in the franchise. In the end, $600 million or more is certainly within reach with $700 million or even $800 million not completely out of the question. How far it can go will depend greatly on the film's legs and we won't have a real feel for that until next week.


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