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International Top of the Chart - The Incredible Happening

June 18th, 2008

The Happening launched worldwide over the weekend scoring first place on the international chart with $31.82 million on 5693 screens in 88 markets. This includes first place openings in a handful of major markets, the best of which was France at $4.90 million on 550 screens. It also topped the charts in Spain with $3.41 million on 385 screens and in Italy with $1.70 million on 363 screens over the weekend and $1.89 million in total. In all three markets, The Incredible Hulk opens in a later date, so this film didn't have to deal with it as competition.

Other major markets openings for the film include the U.K. with $3.20 million on 390 screens, but that was only enough for fourth place. It did finish in second place in Mexico with $2.42 million on 557 screens and in Brazil with $1.26 million on 181 screens. It was less solid in Russia earning $2.00 million on 481 screens, while it took in with $1.68 million on 550 screens in Germany, and in South Korea with $1.56 million on 304 screens. It earned third place in all three markets. The final major market we have numbers for was Australia, but it was not strong there as it only managed fifth place with $1.36 million.

The Happening has yet to open in Japan, and won't till the end of next month. And after it does, it could have $100 million internationally, and $200 million worldwide is not completely out of the question.

The Incredible Hulk finish in second place in an incredibly tight race with $30.77 million on 3410 screens in 38 markets giving it a far superior per screen and per market averages. It's biggest market was the U.K. where it made a relatively impressive $6.37 million on 484 screens, while it scored $4.44 million on 3428 screens in Mexico and $1.74 million on 400 screens in Brazil, earning first place in all three markets. It was not as strong in South Korea with $3.31 million on 529 screens or in Russia with $3.24 million on 500 screens, finishing in second place in both markets. The final major market it opened in was Australia, where it had to settle for third place with $1.88 million, however, it only opened on 203 screens for a very impressive per screen average.

This week The Incredible Hulk opens in Italy and Spain, while it debuts in France and Germany next month and finishing its run in Japan in August.


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