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International Top of the Chart - Will Wows Overseas

July 9th, 2008

Hancock opened worldwide this past weekend, well, almost worldwide. It opened on 5759 screens in 55 markets earning $65.41 million over the weekend for a total of $78.86 million including midweek numbers. The film's biggest box office opening happened in the U.K. where it pulled in $18.89 million on 450 screens, while it also cracked 8 digits in Germany with $12.71 million on 723 screens. Neither result is surprising, as the U.K. is usually the biggest market when it comes to Hollywood release, while Will Smith is a major star in Germany.

The film also arrived on top in Australia with $7.28 million 356 screens and in South Korea with $6.38 million on 686 screens over the weekend and $8.41 million in total. Hancock opened with an estimated $5.5 million on 461 screens in China, $3.4 million on 400 in Brazil, and $2.8 million on 150 in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Hancock had million dollar openings in ...

  • Austria with $1.52 million on 117 screens
  • Thailand with $1.41 million on 44 screens
  • Hong Kong with $1.33 million on 52 screens
  • Malaysia with $1.19 million on 71 screens
  • Singapore with $1.13 million on 57 screens
  • Philippines with $1.01 million on 80 screens
While in New Zealand, it just missed that mark with $954,000 on 75 screens.

Next up for the film is Russia and Mexico, where it opens this weekend, while it doesn't end its run till mid-September when it opens in Italy.


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