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Beautiful Limited Releases

August 1st, 2008

Only half a dozen limited releases this week, but that includes one that is opening in more than 100 theaters. There's little hope for most of these films, especially the one opening in select cities. Additionally, Beer for My Horse has some mixed signals with regards for its release, with its official site saying it is coming out next week on the 8th. If the site is wrong, that movie is in a whole lot of trouble.

America the Beautiful - Reviews
A documentary look at America's obsession with looks -- an obsession that can turn deadly with cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, etc. It is similar to Bigger, Stronger, Faster*, but this movie isn't earning the same level of reviews, which is especially bad news as Bigger, Stronger, Faster* didn't exactly thrive in limited release. America the Beautiful returns to theaters tonight at the Cinema Village in New York City before expanding to Los Angeles in three weeks.

Frozen River - Reviews
A woman is left in an impossible situation after her husband gambles away all of their money and then takes off. In desperate need of money, she gets dragged into helping illegal immigrants cross the border. So far the reviews are at 75% positive, which is right on the border between hit and miss on the limited release charts, while the subject matter is not likely to lend itself to becoming a wide release. Frozen River opens tonight in seven theaters, mostly in the Los Angeles area.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss - Reviews
An indie romantic comedy about a struggling writer who doesn't have anyone to kiss on New Year's Eve, so he heads to Craig's List to find someone. One of the best reviewed films coming out this week, and we are still looking for our first limited release sleeper hit of the summer. I'm not predicting this film will be it. In fact, since it is done in black & white, it is unlikely, but it certainly has the reviews needed to thrive. In Search of a Midnight Kiss opens tonight in 2 theaters in New York City, including the IFC Center.

Midnight Meat Train - Reviews
A horror film opening in limited release. And it is opening in select cities. Ouch. Given the history of such films, there's little hope for the film's box office chances, but it should do well when it comes out on an Unrated DVD where Gorehounds will lap it up. Midnight Meat Train opens tonight in more than 100 theaters nationwide, but not in places like New York City and Los Angeles, where limited releases normally start.

Sixty Six - Reviews
A British movie about a young soccer-obsessed boy who is about to have his Bar Mitzvah. But when England wins its way into the World Cup Final, he should be happy, but the big game happens the same day as his Bar Mitzvah, and he thinks his party will be ruined. There are two problems with this film's box office chances. First of all, it is a soccer movie and soccer is just not popular here. Secondly, the film is earning overall positive reviews, but not overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many are complaining that the movie is overly sentimental, especially the narration by the lead character. Sixty Six opens tonight in two theaters, both in New York City, while it expands to Los Angeles and Florida next week.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote - Reviews
There haven't been as many political documentaries this election cycle as there were in 2004. However, while there hasn't been as many, this one is certainly one of the most important. Attacks on democracy is the single biggest issue this election, and any election anywhere. If you can't vote, it doesn't matter what you think about other issues, because you have no way of influencing the government. This film takes a look at multiple problems, from unreliable machines to the lack of machines, and lays down a solid case that democracy is under attack. Stealing America: Vote by Vote opens tonight at the Quad Cinema in New York City.


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