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Rock On!

August 20th, 2008

Another week, another Wednesday opening. The Pineapple Express started its run by breaking the record for a Wednesday opening in August, but it didn't work so well for Tropic Thunder last week. The Rocker will likely have more in common with the latter than the former.

The Rocker stars Rainn Wilson from The Office as Robert 'Fish' Fishman, a drummer who was kicked out of his band, Vesuvius, just before they exploded in popularity. Now 25 years later, he has a second chance at Rock'n'Roll fame with his nephew's band.

With a glut of comedies coming out this week, and indeed during the past few weeks, this movie will is not be that easy to sell. Further complicating matters are the film's reviews, which have gone from mixed to weak. That said, getting the day to itself should give it first place, but Tropic Thunder will be very close behind. Look for The Rocker to earn just over $3 million while Tropic Thunder should earn just under $3 million. This is more bullish than others are predicting and some think it won't make $3 million on Wednesday and Thursday combined. We will find out who is correct tomorrow when Wednesday's numbers come in. And after that, we will deal with the rest of the new releases and the contenders for the top five as well.


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