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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of August 29, 2008

August 30th, 2008

Summer ends with a lot of second-tier releases. The only movie that is earning reviews that are above the horrible level is Traitor. It is also the only film with an Official Site that is worth recognizing with the Weekly Website Award.

Babylon A.D. - Official Site
The first of four wide releases this week, and the site looks pretty good. All the regular features are here, plus a game, and there's enough sound and animation present to not feel boring. However, it doesn't feel unique enough to sell the movie.

The Chosen One - Official Site
This movie came out this week, but it did so on DVD, however, it has been on this list for so long, that I wanted to mention it one last time. All of the usual features are here, as well as a buy direct section. However, the two featurettes on the cast of the film have been removed. Had they remained, the site could have been better than most limited releases this week.

College - Official Site
The movie opened on Friday, yet the clips are still marked coming soon. Additionally, there's a dead link to the contests. It's almost like they gave up on the film, but that makes a lot of sense given its release date.

Disaster Movie - Official Site
There's a lot of little bits of animation on this site, but it feels like they are using these in bulk to mask the lack of substance. Much like the movie itself. There is a game to play, but it is far too simple to be entertaining.

Goal 2: Living the Dream... - No Official Site
The U.K. site is still live, but it is rather weak.

House of the Sleeping Beauty - No Official Site
Nothing to review.

I Served the King of England - Official Site
All the usual features are here, as well as additional information on the author of the original novel. However, there's not much style and the site doesn't stand out. I was impressed by the trailer, on the other hand.

Sukiyaki Western Django - Official Site
Most of the regular features are here (minus the bios) and there is a little more sound & animation than most limited releases have. Call it solid, if unspectacular.

Traitor - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but they are not the heart of the site. The heart of the site is the Experience section, where you can hear audio clips, watch video clips, interviews, even play a several games. These games include a code breaking, a memory game, a tactical game (which was very cool), even a geography quiz. (I got to level 12, but I couldn't remember where Guam is. Also, I'm really bad at African countries and identifying former U.S.S.R. countries.) This is easily the best wide release of the week, and the site is equally good (or better, given the film's reviews) and the winner of the Two-timing Weekly Website Award.

Year of the Fish - Official Site
There is a lot of content to be found on this site, included all of the usual features (synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image galleries, and trailer). There is also an essay on the animation process. However, there is not sound and animation to make the site stand out.

Young People Fucking - Official Site
No real changes since I reviewed this site last time.


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