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DVD Sales - Sexy, and Not so Sexy, New Releases

October 6th, 2008

New releases were plentiful on the sales chart this week, but after the new number one release, they were not that strong. That new release was Sex and the City, which sold 1.72 million units raising $38.56 million in opening week revenue. That was more than seven times more than the next highest seller, Leatherheads, which sold 235,000 units sold and earned $5.00 million. Despite there being eight new releases, the rest of the top five were all holdovers with Speed Racer being the best of the rest with 198,000 units for the week and 605,000 units overall for a total of $12.49 million. Made of Honor sank 60% to just 150,000 units over the week and 521,000 after two, while it generated $2.31 million over the week for a total of $8.09 million. Rounding out the top five was 88 Minutes with 125,000 units / $2.58 million for the week and 355,000 / $7.69 million in total.

Run, Fat Boy, Run opened in 10th place with 91,000 units, bringing in $1.85 million during its first week. Continuing the TV on DVD trend for this time of year, Two and a Half Men - Season Four landed in 14th place with 64,000 units for total sales of $1.85 million. Next up is Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King in 17th place with 58,000 units / $815,000 while Deception was right behind in 18th place with 52,000 units sold, which generated $1.32 million in revenue. Boston Legal - Season Four placed 22nd with 47,000 units sold, but generated $1.98 million in sales, which was 10th place in that metric. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Tale of Tails placed 25th with 42,000 units sold, while bringing in $420,000 in its first week. Finally, The Godfather Collection placed 26th with 35,000 on $447,000, but it did better on the Blu-ray sales chart.

Speaking of Blu-ray, overall sales surged 23.2% from last week up to $10.9 million for the week. Strangely, while Blu-ray sales went up to 8.4% of the overall sales, the top 20 ratio dropped to 6%, which shows the strength is in the catalogue titles, which bodes well for upcoming monster releases. The best selling Blu-ray release of the week might have Sex and the City with 60,000 units, or The Godfather with 76,000 units. Reports vary.


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