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International Top Five - It's a Brand New Day for Night

January 10th, 2007

2007 started the same way that 2006 ended, with Night at the Museum on top of the international charts. During its second weekend of release the film pulled in $29.8 million on 5,000 screens in 38 markets crossing the $100 million mark in the process; so far the film has pulled in $116.7 million internationally and is on pace to hit $200 million. Most of the film's weekend haul came from holdovers like the U.K. where it remained in first place with $5.71 million on 487 screens for a two-week total of $26.85 million. It also held well in Germany adding $4.99 million on 794 screens to its total of $13.95 million in that market. The film's few openings were mostly of the samller variety including first place debuts in Greece, ($900,000 on 66 screens), and Peru, ($471,000 on 82).

A dominating opening in Italy helped Casino Royale climb into second place with $19.2 million on 5,045 screens in 60 markets for a running tally of $371 million. In Italy the film placed first with $4.12 million on 407 screens, the best ever for the franchise in that market. More impressively, the film added $2.03 million on 334 screens during its eighth weekend in the U.K. and as of the end of the weekend had $99.83 million there. Without doubt the film was able to cross $100 million on Monday making it just the third film to reach the century mark in the U.K. (The other two are Titanic at $119 million and Return of the King at $107 million.) Internationally the film is in 24th place all-time having surpassed The Incredibles while worldwide is in 31st place between Home Alone and Madagascar.

Eragon added $15.4 million on 7,200 screens in 55 markets for a total of $139.3 million internationally, which is more than double what the film has made domestically. There were not much in the way of new openings this week, but it did place first in its debuts in Argentina, ($295,000 on 90 screens), and Chile, ($280,000 on 66). However, its best markets were holdovers including $3.8 million on 759 screens in France for a three-week total of $17.9 million.

This week saw Happy Feet adding $13.4 million on 5,600 screens in 59 markets for a total of $141.1 million internationally while it was able to cross $300 million worldwide. It's best market of the weekend was Australia where it was down just 38% to $3.21 million on 401 screens for a running tally of $15.09 million. The film doesn't have much in the way of new openings for the next two months, not until it opens in Japan in March.

The Holiday is just a week from hitting $100 million internationally after earning $12 million on 3,188 screens in 43 markets for a total of $91.1 million. The only opening of note came in Hong Kong where the film placed second with $350,000 on 23 screens. The film is still performing well in a number of markets including the U.K., ($1.09 million on 348 screens over the weekend and $22.45 million in total), and Germany, ($2.01 million on 544 screens over the weekend and $11.96 million in total). Next up for the film is Argentina this weekend, but it doesn't open in Italy till next month and Japan the month after that.


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