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Limited Releases - It's All About the Oscars

January 26th, 2007

Because limited releases rely so much on word-of-mouth, the weekend after the Oscars nominations were announced is not the best time to open a limited release. People are still talking about what film earned how many nominations, the big snubs, the big surprises, etc. and don't have time to discuss the new releases. This had kept the number of films on this list rather low, but there were some studios brave or foolish enough to risk it.

Breaking and Entering - Reviews
This film had an Oscar qualifying run in December and was supposed to open wide this month. However, weaker than expected reviews meant the release was pushed back and scaled back. There are a number of factors that should help the film (including the director and some of the cast), but the odds of the film escaping its limited release roots are slim. Breaking and Entering opens tonight at the Sunshine Cinema and the Paris Theatre, both in New York City.

Mount Pleasant - No Reviews
Three families see their lives intertwine when the 6-year old daughter of one couple finds a used needle while playing in her backyard. A teenage prostitute, her affluent client, his wife, and their teenage daughter are dragged into this nightmare situation. It's a Canadian film, which means even those living up in Canada will likely have to wait until the home market to check it out, but it is worth the effort. Mount Pleasant opens tonight at the AMC in Montreal, The Carlton in Toronto, and The Empire Granville 7 in Vancouver.

Seraphim Falls - Reviews
A Western about revenge starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. The two leads are excellent, but the rest of the movie doesn't really live up to their performances. The film is violent, gritty, a little slow at times, but fans of the genre should still find enough here to make it worth the effort to check it out. Seraphim Falls opens tonight in more than two-dozen theatres, mostly in the Southwest.


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