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Saw is Seen by Fewer on the Home Market

February 3rd, 2007

It was good news / bad news for Saw III. Good news: Not only was it the best new release it also top the overall rental charts with $7.62 million. Bad news: That was down significantly from Saw II's debut last year. Opening in second place was The Guardian with $4.81 million, but neither of the two new releases did particularly well during their debuts. Employee of the Month fell from first to third with $4.62 million for a two week total of $9.93 million. Both Gridiron Gang and Crank were close behind with $4.50 million and $4.27 million respectively.

The only other new release to chart was SherryBaby, which opened well back in 32nd place with $1.20 million. On the other hand, that was roughly 6 times what the film earned theatrically.

Saw III also won the race on the sales chart but it was a much closer race with The Guardian just a few percent behind. (Sales figures were not released for either DVD.) This pushed Gridiron Gang into third place, but it is already relatively performed better on the home market than it did theatrically. Fourth place went to the direct-to-DVD release, Invincible Iron Man. Whoever came up with these movies needs a raise because not only are they hits in their own right, but they are excellent tools to figure out which Marvel properties have a large enough following to deserve theatrical releases. Finally, we have The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in fifth place.

No other new releases charted this week.


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