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Movie Website Updates for February 10 - February 16, 2007

February 17th, 2007

While the big summer blockbusters are sill M.I.A., there are plenty of other films to pick up the slack. This includes this week's winner, Bridge to Terabithia - Official Site.

The Abandoned - Official Site
There's a new site for the U.S. release, I kind of like the original better, but it’s a close call. On the plus side, the Webisodes are very well done and help sell the movie very well.

Air Guitar Nation - Official Site
Somebody, please tell me this is a mockumentary. World Air Guitar Championships? While the subject seems totally bent, the trailer makes the movie look quite interesting.

Away from Her - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

Bamako - Official Site
The usual features are here, but the site doesn't have a very polished feel to it.

Bee Movie - Official Site
The second teaser trailer is up. It's cute, but I'm still not sure about the film's chances. I'm not buying Jerry Seinfeld as a bee. There's something off with his voice work. When he speaks, I don't feel like it's coming out of the bee's mouth. I don't know why that is, but it is a serious problem that could prevent me from becoming engaged by the movie.

Breach - Official Site
Good site with all the usual features and some interesting extras. I especially liked the behind-the-scenes featurette, but nothing here really sells me on the film.

Bridge to Terabithia - Official Site
Two more clips were added this week as was a music video with AnnaSophia Robb and two behind-the-scenes featurettes. Overall the site has all of the usual features, synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image galleries, (both photos and concept art), trailers and TV spots. In addition to the extras like the aforementioned clips, music video, and featurettes, there is a strategy game. On the other hand, it feels more like an overstuffed placeholder site than a full site. It needs more sound and animation to stand out and this is especially true for kids movies and / or fantasy movies. With some dramas it would feel out of place, or even distracting to have much animation, but that is not the case here. But overall it is still the best site on this week's list, or at least the best one that hasn't previously won the award, and it is the winner of the incommodious Weekly Website Award.

The Condemned - Official Site
Just the trailer, which did nothing for me.

Daddy's Little Girls - Official Site
Just the basics, but I did like the music.

Dead Silence - Official Site
There's a new contest and the winner gets the movie premiere in their hometown.

Disturbia - Official Site
The flash site is up, but all it adds is the image gallery. However, if you haven't checked out the trailer yet, do so.

The Ex - Official Site
The old site is dead and the new one only has a slightly reworked trailer.

First Time Caller - Official Site

The Fracture - Official Site
Just the trailer so far, but it looks like Anthony Hopkins is at the top of his game and Ryan Gosling is showing his Oscar nomination was not a fluke.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
This site has all the features a website could want. Regular features like trailer, cast & crew bios, etc. Extras like games and a very active production blog. If it hadn't already won the Weekly Website Award it would have been a clear contender this week.

Good Luck Chuck - Official Site
No real content.

Grindhouse - Official Site
The new trailer is online, but you have to surf over to Yahoo to see it. I still don't know what to say about this movie. I think it will have style to burn, but that might not be enough.

The Host - Official Site
The Monster Hunters Club has some interesting information and if you look close enough you will find clues, but clues to what?

Hot Fuzz - Official Site
Another movie with a contest online. Go here to win a special screening of the film, but you have to live within in the 48 contiguous states, which counts me out.

I Think I Love My Wife - Official Site
I do not like these Fox Searchlight movie sites. They don't bring enough individual style. That's said, there are some interesting features here and the trailer does sell the movie better than I thought it would.

In the Land of Women - Official Site
Ugh. I hate MySpace and I'm not the only one. Here's a list of the most successful websites on the Internet and MySpace is given the lowest rating for design, both detail and readability. The best MySpace page would rank poorly compared to the average movie site.

Meet the Robinsons - Official Site
A bunch of new games were added to the site but they were not very entertaining.

Music and Lyrics - Official Site
Not much is new this week. Overall it's a good site, but doesn't do enough to stand out.

The Namesake - Official Site
There's a lot of video clips on this site. Not only the domestic and international trailers, but also 8 clips from the movie and an interview with the director Mira Nair and writer Jhumpa Lahiri.

The Nanny Diaries - Official Site
The site is up and the trailer can be found here.

Penelope - Official Site
Just the cast & crew bios and the image gallery so far. But there are other section marked coming soon, including a game.

Reign Over Me - Official Site
The flash site launched, but it was just the basics. The closest to an extra is the section on the music.

Shrek the Third - Official Site
There's been a slight change to the site and there's a new synopsis and trailer. However, it is still way too soon to judge either the movie or the site.

The Simpsons Movie - Official Site
There's a new URL, but when you select the United States, it just re-directs you to the TV series site.

Underdog - Official Site
Among the features on this site is a game... a game that crashed my system the first time I tried to play it. The second time it just wouldn't load, so I guess that's an improvement.

The Valet - Official Site
So far there's just an image gallery, trailer and links to clips. These clips include behind-the-scenes and clips from the movie, but they are in French.

Wild Hogs - Official Site
A blooper reel was added to the site. If you think mistakes people made are funnier than the actually movie, then you are in serious trouble. And why else would you use them to advertise the movie instead of actual clips?


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