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Per Theater Chart is Right Up the Rider's Avenue

February 21st, 2007

Avenue Montaigne intersected with the per theater chart in first place with an average of $14,689 in its two theaters. Second place went to the overall box office leader as Ghost Rider averaged $12,542 in its 3,619 theaters. Next up was last week's winner, The Lives of Others, which showed very strong potential for mainstream success as it expanded. Despite seeing its theater count grow from 13 to 32, it per theater average fell just 33% to $10,965. The final film to top $10,000 was Bamako, which barely made it with $10,183.

The best of the rest was Eklavya - The Royal Guard with $690,000 in 80 theatres for an average of $8,630 (adding in Monday it took in $812,000 for an average of $10,153). Days of Glory wasn't far behind with $20,000 in three theaters for an average of $6,479. Other new releases were not as lucky with Close to Home pulling in $2,815 and 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films coming up with $2,782.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Charts alumni:

  • Letters from Iwo Jima reached $10 million midweek and could reach $15 million before long. However, unless it becomes a big winner at the Oscars this Sunday, that will be the last milestone it reaches.
  • Notes on a Scandal hit $15 million over the weekend, but it too will have trouble getting much farther.
  • Pan's Labyrinth did in fact reach $30 million, but it won't reach $35 million this weekend, especially with the Oscars being handed out on Sunday.
  • The Queen has now made $50 million in limited and semi-limited releases and, with at least one Oscar practically guaranteed, it will likely make it to $60 million.


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