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Weekend Estimates: Ghost Rider Stays in Pole Position

February 25th, 2007

Ghost Rider held off a host of competitive openers to win for a second straight weekend, according to studio estimates released on Sunday. Rider's $19.7 million was enough to defeat The Number 23, which started out well on Friday, but didn't have the same legs over the weekend, finishing with an estimated $15.1 million. Reno 911!: Miami performed creditably to finish the weekend with $10.4 million and 4th place behind a solid performance from Bridge to Terabithia. But the other stand-out weekend opener was Amazing Grace, which managed to land in the top 10 with $4.3 million from 791 theaters.

The other openers, The Astronaut Farmer and The Abandoned were both D.O.A. with $4.5 million (from 2,155 theaters) and a disastrous $715,000 from 1,000 venues respectively.

- Weekend Estimates

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